The rest is already written.

ray_of_hope_by_18lala111-d5b7s3gone of this life’s challenges is not to be constantly thinking and worrying about the future.
we are often have our minds mostly fully occupied by these anquiries
what will my life be like when i turn 25/26 ? , am i going to get a job , settle down like everyone else , or there is something more in store for me / am i going be able to accomplish some of what i dream of doing / am i going to grow up into the person i wanted to be or am i even going to be able to recognize my self
Endless questions , practically no answer .
when i get stuck in these moments where i have these tones and tones of questions pouring at me i find it extremly to focus on what i am doing at the moment , where i am standing in this life right now or finding the motive to proceed in doing what i’m doing which is obviously not a good thing to do .
so what i wanted to share with you here , something that i find it very profound that i always hold on to it that helps me getting detached from that burden . a pretty common concept that i believe in , in fact it is one of the basic beliefs in islam which is the belief in fate and destiny , believing and trusting in what you cannot see yet . this has helped me not only in getting rid of those heavy thoughts about my future plans but also not getting stuck ans stay stagnant if things are not working in a perfect way , it helped me to sort off calm down and just chill out because whatever thing that is waiting for me in the future , it has already been written by the all knowing (god) . this is his way letting us know that he is taking care of all our affaires we just have to focus on the present and just put a lot of hard work and honesty in whatever thing we are doing in this life and leave the rest to him .
Because you see sometimes we as human beings , we get frustrated when we cannot see the fruit of our actions, IT is in these times when everything doesn’t seem to make sense to you maybe it’s the loss of work, wealth , broken freindships …
give it a time , it’s all a matter of time , you’ll get an answer the puzzle will be completed and you will realize the wisdom behind everything , every fall and rise every person that walked in or walked out of your life it was purposeful  .
whether it was to teach you a valuable lesson or to bring about a potential quality that you have and that you didn’t know about . Maybe it showed you how stong and how capable you are to endure pain and  frustration .
And you will smile and bow your head in a manifestation of the STRENGTH of  your faith , thanking him for how things turned out to be
because you wouldn’t wish it to come in any other way.


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