why we shouldn’t pursue happiness as our ultimate goal

this is pretty bizarre right ! you might argue well why wouldn’t we , what’s wrong about wanting to be always happy The problem isn’t the desire for happiness,The problem is that this goal leads people down a difficult and ironically, unhappy, path.
There is a cultural obsession with pursuing happiness in fact , there is a mainstream emphasis on chasing happiness and considering that as our ultimate pursuit which can be pretty destructive at some point . with that being said here is why i think happiness is the wrong pursuit
1-Because you will constantly get dissapointed , life isn’t an easy ride , you won’t be able to be always happy , but this doesn’t mean that you will alwyas be depressed , but a healthy life requires you to experience the two .
2-it won’t last for a long time , because it’s a tempory state , to be happy , anyhting can make you feel happy , listening to your favorite song can make you feel happy , having fun around friends can also generate that happiness .
3- happiness is not a realistic goal that is set to be achieved
4-chasing happiness will only distract us from our fundamental goal and that is to better ourselves through these challenges , that comes ahead of us .
5- we are confusing this search for contentment rather than happiness because the latter can be such an illusion, contentment on the other hand is peacefulness that takes on whatever circumstances or situations you are placed in .
What I mean to say is that, enjoy every bit of your Β happiness Β but avoid making it a goalΒ because that won’t get you through the inevitable ups and downs of this life .


32 thoughts on “why we shouldn’t pursue happiness as our ultimate goal

    1. Oumeima says:

      But that’s not what the post is trying to dismiss “feeling happy”. the thing that i wanted to put it out there is that happiness depends on circumstances
      in fact it’s a response to circumstances unlike contentment which is the state of being at peace , when one is spiritually and emotionally complete regardless of the situation .

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  1. Suma Fiore says:

    You bring up points that are really worth thinking about. Here’s my take on things.

    Happiness is subjective. It may be the most subjective thing out there, besides love. It’s impossible to be happy all the time, but why would we want that? We need to feel anger, sadness, frustration….it helps us appreciate the good.

    My thing is that chasing happiness is well and good, but happiness is different for everyone. Some people will never be truly happy, but there are still things that can give them joy. Instead of making your goal to be happy, let your goal be to find a way to be content with life. In learning to hold onto the things that give us joy, I think we reach a place were we are content with the good and the bad. Happiness will come and go.

    Very thought provoking post!


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  2. thefrankjournal says:

    “4-chasing happiness will only distract us from our fundamental goal and that is to better ourselves through these challenges , that comes ahead of us .”

    I like these points! But I’m also the kind of person who does consider “pursuing happiness” as an ultimate goal. Maybe not THE, but AN. So, I’m not sure I would fully agree with the entire post, but it was a good read πŸ™‚
    A quick question about point #4: Do you think it’s possible to chase happiness while simultaneously accepting and acknowledging that challenges will surface and thus hinder happiness, but all challenges are temporary? I think it is. I see nothing wrong with chasing happiness if we accept that life won’t let us be happy forever since we’re complicated human beings. In this way, I’m never truly disappointed and it makes chasing it more enjoyable. Hopefully this makes sense.

    ~ Estefania πŸ™‚

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    1. Oumeima says:

      It actually does make sense in fact i have thought about that before and it could be possible for some , but for me happiness is just an emotion that you should not make your entire life revolve around that specific thing ,to seek happiness. And since we cannot predicate what exactly we are going to experience down the road those moments of happiness , joy , sadness .. are temporary and the only constant thing in this life is change and with that change comes the new challenges , experiences so you won’t be able to live your live entirely happy or sad .

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  3. eurobrat says:

    Not bizarre at all. I completely agree. And I’ve often thought that the people who spend all their time posting selfies online to prove to everyone how happy they are, are probably the least happy of all. Being at peace with yourself is the true prize to strive for πŸ™‚

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  4. revertmuslimahblog says:

    Alhamdulillah, so many years I wasted trying to find happiness and so much disappointment in the realities of life. Now I have contentment and can be satisfied even when things are really difficult. Subhan Allah.

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  5. fitnessgrad says:

    Pleasure to meet you and thank you for taking time to visit my blog page and having a follow, I appreciate the support, I enjoyed this blog post, it was very interesting to read and get your take on things πŸ˜€


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  6. selfemployedwriting says:

    Hey there,

    First I wanna thank you for liking my blog. I actually like this post.

    I think what you’re trying to differentiate is between happiness and fulfillment.

    People are often happy when they buy a new dress and they feel that shot of good feelings and endorphins. But the problem is that it doesn’t last long, then they fall back into their same emotional routine.

    Reaching fulfilment is when you are confident with who you are. So in the worst of times you still stay confident, grounded and balanced. You may not feel ‘happy’, but you are still in alignment with yourself. Think of being the calm within the storm. No matter what goes on externally, you’re still calm and focused within.

    Hope this helps. Thanks for the like.

    Mark 😊

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  7. Mark Lanesbury says:

    They are both very important parts of the whole, to understand where we are standing, and change accordingly, each time becoming the change that they have taught.
    And then we will find what we have always been looking for all these years….happiness, contentment, peace…but in truth something more profound, that love we always want to be in, a truth of our innermost being…is in fact when we understand those walls of fear from childhood, releasing them in that understanding along with those negativities we hold of ourselves, and find what has been blocked all those years. That love of ourselves. And in that one instant of understanding your fears lose their power over you…and you are free…totally…utterly…free ❀
    Enjoy the journey, because one cannot find and understand one without the other. We cannot understand and appreciate love, without first losing it and feeling its pain. Only then will we fully appreciate what love means. But even then it is not until we do this for ourselves that we finally 'see' all its purpose, and a smile that truly comes from within πŸ˜€

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