You’re A Hijabi Then You Must Be …

Hey all !  it has been a while since I have posted anything here

I have been postponing talking about this specific topic for a while now but i decided to share it with you guys today

So Throughout my two years of wearing the Hijab I have came to internalize this feeling of frustration which has been the product of people’s expectation of me as a woman who wears the head scarf.

A little bit of a background story here, Recalling the day when i first decided to wear the head scarf which is by far the best decision i have ever had to make. Taking that one  decision however was not easy  one nor was it a passive one in fact  i like to refer to it as a process through which i was trying to find myself sort of speak ,  to shape my identity . the hijab was something that i longed for and wearing it has only made me more confident .to me my hijab is far more than just a piece of fabric that I choose to wrap around my   head  it’s a belief , a conviction and an expression of my faith which  insists that   worth and power does not lay in my  physical appearance but rather in my  mind , intellect and what i have to say and offer which is tremendously empowering to me  .

Expectations has been  a part of my experience as a hijabi I’m never  immune to it and  i can’t avoid it but that doesn’t mean that I would  let it take hold of me , my choices and the way i choose to wear my body although , it took   me a while to understand this i used to get really irritated when people  refer to my hijab as being too this and too that i would get into conversation after conversation trying to justify my choices and kind off push away whatever assumptions that they hold of me but i  eventually came to a realization that wait for it : i can’t please everyone  yeah original right ! but on a serious note though i can’t satisfy everybody’s preference of the way how the  hijab should be worn I’m always going to be too extreme for some people and too not very much extreme for others but hey it’s my own journey my own experience that only   represents me  . I Can’t live up to everyone’s standards of how the “ideal hijabi should be like” and you know what I don’t even have to.

The Hijab can’t turn you into a perfect person but hey we all aspire to be better

The Hijab is not a “crown” nor does make  me a queen or a  princess *  cringe* I’m a human being with flaws. i’m prone to making mistakes as much as any other woman that does not wear it .

The Hijab is not a candy wrapper and I’m not a candy OMG this is  by far the most pathetic analogy that I have ever come across to.  The “candy-wrapper” is a very effective way of turning women’s bodies into over sexualized objects it’s reductive, demeaning and dumb.

Ill end this

Men let’s stop talking about candy wrappers  shall we ! 🙂

Let’s start having healthier conversations  instead ,  that does not involve shaming or  assuming the worst about each other let’s be thoughtful especially for women who keep on bringing their fellow sisters down let’s start lifting each other up instead. If you see someone struggling with the hijab pray for them that god will ease their struggle because it is not easy.


28 thoughts on “You’re A Hijabi Then You Must Be …

  1. Divyang Shah says:

    This generally happens when you do something different than Hurd of people but we should not stop if it’s true in our sense. I as a Jain not eating root vegetables and I am also facing awkward questions of people daily basis to make me start eating things.. Keep on your decision (y)

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  2. Confused Thoughts says:

    You deserve lots of appreciations
    Yes it’s your choice what do you want to wear or don’t
    How can we treat a women like an sexual object , I think everyone is homosapiens then why we don’t want to give the equal rights

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  3. thari says:

    Thank God some one said something about the candy…. it was getting on my nerves. Good piece here. It’s true, we’re not perfect, and we are in a constant struggle here. People who judge us just don’t understand.

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  4. Joss says:

    Thank you for writing this. I wish things like intelligence and respect were more common, and I (non-muslim) see the hijab as a mark of a woman who holds firm to her beliefs. It makes me sad that we live in a world where innocent people are attacked for how they look. Do you face any harrassment where you live?

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    1. Oumeima says:

      No i don’t actually that’s because i’m living in a muslim majority country(tunisia) so the hijab is a pretty common thing here. But unfortunately, these days muslim women living in western countries has to go through a lot of hardships when it comes to wearing the head scarf . But thaank you so much for your comment ❤ ❤

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  5. musawif says:

    The problem with “Hijab” falls between religion & tradition as always people wont accept what they aren’t use to see regardless of the way the “Hijab” is being worn. The whole idea of “Hijab” in my opinion is to replace the sexual attractiveness which can’t be denied in some sort of level by setting the women free of that labeled of attraction. It isn’t hiding or wrapping a candy as much as a society systematic order…

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  6. Her Own Sun says:

    This is very true. I relate to this as a hijabi. And ugh, along with my frustration; I laugh at men who use that analogy. like, are men equivalent to flies? who would go after an unwrapped lolipop smh.

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