Feminism has never been such a controversial topic the ongoing complexity in which accompanies ones identification as a feminist brings a lot of heated debate. Speaking from my own experience here ,  i personally  have had my own fair share of accusations , vey ridiculous ones that clearly seems to stem from the lack of education on  the subject so people would highly  likely surrender to the  mainstream stereotypes and try to use that against you  and  try to categorize you  sort of speak.

So for some people, if you happen to be a feminist this directly implies that you’re a man hater , you are a bitter, angry person, who doesn’t  shave , and gay even.  which is  a pretty funny thing to me because i don’t fit into any of those molds oh , except for the “man hater part “it is for sure not an innate part of feminism but I just simply hate men alongside being a feminist lol.

In short a feminist is a person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality  of the sexes , IT’S NOT A BAD WORD like seriously this shouldn’t be a current issue anymore and speaking of “what’s  current” others  also like to point out  that feminism is no longer relevant  nowadays , that  it is  an out dated  thing  And To this  i  have a lot to say .

Feminism is still and will always be relavent as we aspire for a more equal world fighting for liberation  is not about voting rights and jobs but rather it is  about  looking on how women are preceived and treated by a society  in our day-to-day life

Patriarchy  which is this cultural system that values masculine tendencies and characteristics over feminine tendencies and characteristics works to devalues women and seize to put men in a dominant position thus retaining females in a subordinate one.

the patriarchal structure of a society screws both genders equally although women  do bear the main brunt of it .  As this traditional definition of masculinity that determines what is manly enough for a man to do  and what it’s not  and to act accordingly , Men cannot emotionaly express themselves not alone cry because  again it is not  seen as manly enough to do so

women are not  encouraged  to asspire for jobs that are traditionally seen as “ men only  jobs”   instead,  Women are encouraged to aspire for marriage , settling down , having a family of their own although it is really important here to point out that being a feminist does not mean i can bash women who choose to be housewifes because liberation lies in the choice and making  the choice to be a stay at home mom does not make a woman any less of a feminist it does not and should not make her feel worthless .

Society sets  standards of  how each individual  should determinely fonction according to their own GENDER

Because you know , gender roles YAAY

Women trafficking is a reality ,  women are  used a commodity in which to buy and sell

The word woman is used as an insult

Rape culture is glorified this include normalizing sexual assault , catcalling …

Honour killing  a a horrifyingly brutal  practice that entails use of the patriarchal power to punish women ( by killing them ) for absolutely  ridiculous things like not agreeing to an arranged marriage , dressing in a way that is perceived as being inappropriate or provocative and the list goes on

women in sudan and many other countries still face the horror of female genital  mutilation (FGM)




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