21 Things I’ve Learned at 21

Hey wordpress ! it’s been literally ages lol i say this every time but I just turned  21 and if you are anything like me you hate birthdays and more specificaly  you hate and can ‘t understand the reasoning behind celebrating them but I’m not going to talk about that in this post. if you want to know more about my take on birthdays I have another post that I wrote last year you can find it here .

But still birthdays are big deal to me i take my time to reflect on how i have been living and lessons i’ve learnt and speaking of lessons here are 21 lessons i learned in my 21 years of life

  1. it’s okay to cry , crying shouldn’t be an indication for anything else but the fact that we are vulnerable human beings and we are allowed to feel broken.
  2. Time does heal everything although it may seem that your pain is permanent at the moment but it’s not, there is always a  tomorrow and you will learn how to beath in despite of evrything else that is suffocating you.
  3. You will get disappointed by the people whom are the most close to you so keep your distance and don’t expect too much from them.
  4. In order to learn you need to sacrifice your comfort, If you’re not willing to compromise your comfort place you’re in right now and challenge yourself  then you are not really growing to learn anything of value.
  5. Not evryone’s mind and heart works the same way as yours and to live thinking this way is basically setting yourself up for disspointement.
  6. Trust your guts, ALWAYS .
  7. You, your feelings matter don’t let anyone brush your feeling off as they are insignificant you feel what you need to feel .
  8. You don’t have to convince everyone that what you’re doing is  the right thing.
  9. If it’s making you happier, healthier then do it .
  10. Use the word sorry less often .
  11. You can never know wether you’re good at something or not until you try it.
  12. My mom is always right, you will gradually discover that everything your mom tells you about life and friendships is right.
  13. Age is not an indicator of growth, the numbers don’t matter it’s the experience that does.
  14. Trust god’s plan for you that will give an enormous sense of peace .
  15. Celebrate your accomplishments and learn from your failures .
  16. Fearing the uncertain is normal it is  as normal and as  important as feeling any other emotion . it’s out of one’s reach to avoid it coming through us  but , the thing that it’s within our  capicity is how we choose to react to it , it’s either to act upon the feeling and live in fear or to  let  it  pass and embrace the uncertantity  .
  17. Humans are so unpredictable and no one will stick around untill the end.
  18. when you are at your lowest pray more .
  19. Give yourself some credit for the work you do.
  20. What’s important is to never lose yorself to this  life because everything in it  is temporary including your pain
  21. You are not as wise as you think you are you still got milestones to go and lessons to learn.



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